Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Southside Prism Stabilization


Botetourt County, Virginia


U.S. Forest Service

General Contractor/Client:

Terra Constructs


U.S. Forest Service

Project Start Date:

August 2020

Project Completion Date:

January 2021

Project Overview:

The U.S. Forest Service selected Terra Constructs to perform the demolition and construction of a new aluminum 2-lane culvert located in a remote area of the George Washington National Forest.

Terra was responsible for the temporary site controls, erosion and sediment controls, traffic control, excavation, preparation of bedrock, concrete foundations, box culvert construction, backfill, roadway construction, by-pass area, riprap, site restoration and traffic signage. In addition to the culvert, Terra also performed rehabilitation of an existing bridge.


The existing roadway was experiencing continual washout and road closures. The road is an essential access point for emergency and service vehicles. The installation of the new culvert increased the elevation and capacity of the roadway to prevent further interruption and access to the forest. A bridge was damaged from a vehicular accident and required structural concrete repairs, gate repairs, and site restoration.


  • Logistical constraints and environmental compliance
  • Temporary stream diversion
  • Unforeseen Bedrock Conflict
  • Minimal resources
  • Performed during winter season


  • Implementation of a Project plan with solution driven approach
  • Developed stream diversion plan in collaboration with regulatory agency
  • Immediate mobilization of equipment and removal of minor bedrock conflict to prevent disruption to the schedule
  • Source local tradesmen and support from the local area
  • Established cold weather plan and worked the project during inclement weather


Terra completed the project within the awarded performance period, while also overcoming significant challenges related to the pandemic, weather, and remote logistical constraints of the site.

The project success resulted from the collaborative and partnering culture fostered by the U.S. Forest Service, Trade Partners, and Terra.