Manassas Airport Runway 34R Extensions, City of Manassas ITB no: 13B034


Manassas, Virginia


City of Manassas, Virginia


Sargent Corporation – Mid Atlantic Division

Design Professional:

Reynolds, Smith & Hills, Inc.

Project Overview:

Provided #57 backfill, labor, equipment, supervision and incidentals to build MSE Runway Abutments and Taxi Way Walls. This project included four each MSE walls with leveling pad and Precast Coping for runway abutments; and four each MSE taxi way anchored extension walls with leveling pads and Cast-in-place Coping.


Due to significant growth in the region, the City of Manassas, Virginia found it necessary to expand the regional airport. In order to initiate the expansion, several thousand cubic yards of fill needed to be added and compacted in low lying areas. To limit the extent of the fill and encroachment of wetlands, a series of retaining wall and abutments were required along the site perimeter. The new MSE wall design called for an attached connection to the existing MSE abutments. In order to achieve this, an acute corner design had to be installed which was very challenging from a design and installation standpoint.


To minimize time, costs, and increase speed of construction, an MSE wall system was designated as the application of choice for the project. Sargent Corporation, the General Contractor for the project, needed an experienced and qualified wall installer to complete the retaining walls required for the project. Sargent Corporation selected Terra Constructs (Terra) to install the walls and Sine Wall, LLC was selected as the MSE design/supplier.


Terra installed the MSE walls and Coping on time and within budget, which allowed Sargent Corporation to complete the runway and taxiway expansions in a timely fashion. The newly constructed runways and taxiways have boosted the number of daily flights and increased safety.

Highlights/Services Rendered:

  • Provided labor, supervision, equipment and incidentals to install:
    • MSE wall runway abutment extensions including leveling pads
    • Precast Coping on runway abutment extension walls
  • Installed #57 Backfill material and flowable concrete required for the MSE runway extension walls and the MSE anchored taxiway extension walls.