Terra Constructs, is pleased to announce that Babur R. Mian, P.E., President & CEO, has been invited to join the Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance (VTCA) Contractor Leadership Committee (CLC) and Mr. Mian will begin serving at their next meeting slated for July 28th.

The CLC of the VTCA is committed to representing the unique interests of the Contractor Membership category of the alliance through authority granted by the VTCA Board of Directors. The chairman of the committee is Ryan Gorman from Corman Construction.

The CLC represents and advances the interests of all contractor members through its own meetings and through a liaison with the VTCA Board of Directors. The CLC promotes open communication between the Contractor Membership and all other membership groups within the VTCA. The CLC promotes cooperation with government agencies and establishes policies for the Contractor members within the best interests of VTCA.

Assisting the CLC are several joint industry-VDOT subcommittees that focus on specific areas of expertise.

Mr. Mian is excited to serve the CLC and advance the interests of its’ contractor members. Mr. Mian is a graduate of the ARTBA Emerging Leader Program. Prior to founding Terra Constructs in 2013, he served on the executive team of a number of engineering and construction firms.

Mr. Mian holds bachelors and masters degrees in Civil Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and has completed extensive training in leadership and management at the Wharton Business School.