Route 29 at Route 250- Bypass interchange, VDOT Project No. 0029-104-248, C501


Charlottesville, Virginia


Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)


Fielder’s Choice Enterprise, Inc.

Project Overview:

Provided design and installation of S.O.E. (Support of Excavation) and MSE Wall design and materials, select backfill, labor, equipment, supervision and incidentals to build one MSE Wall. Terra Constructs (Terra) also provided design, supply of Precast Coping and Cast-in-place Coping and foundations for the post and panel sound wall, which was constructed within the MSE, reinforced zone volume.


Route 29 through Charlottesville, Virginia is the busiest highway in the Charlottesville area. A major road widening and improvements project is now under way by VDOT. Construction extends from the Charlottesville airport south to the Route 250 interchange. One of the most important sections of the project is the on-ramp from Route 29 south to Route 250 westbound. The new ramp needed to be made 20 feet wider than the existing ramp, however, a 20-foot tall 1-to-1 slope made construction of this ramp a difficult proposition.


Terra offered an innovative, alternative solution to temporarily supporting the existing Route 250 roadway while a permanent MSE retaining wall was constructed. Terra designed a safe and unique S.O.E. system featuring engineered helical anchors that saved both time and money. After stabilizing the 25-foot vertical embankment with the S.O.E. system, Terra constructed an 18,300 sq. ft. MSE wall. A sound wall will be installed immediately afterwards, so Terra designed and placed thirty four each 36” diameter galvanized steel pipes vertically within the select MSE backfill that will be used as foundations for a 17 ft. high sound wall located immediately behind and on top of the new MSE retaining wall. The use of the vertical caisson foundation system proposed by Terra eliminated the need for a more costly massive barrier/moment slab, which not only saved money, but more importantly, shaved weeks off the critical path schedule.

Highlights/Services Rendered:

  • Supplied and installed an S.O.E. system, including helical anchors and faceplates.
  • Supplied and installed MSE design and materials, leveling pad, select backfill, labor, supervision, equipment and incidentals to install an 18,300 sq. ft. MSE Wall.
  • Supplied and installed 36” diameter galvanized steel pipes into the #3 stone backfill.
  • Supplied Labor, Supervision, Materials, Equipment and incidentals to install sound wall foundation within the MSE reinforced zone.
  • Supplied and installed Precast Coping with level up concrete per wall supplier drawings and pricing.