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Terra Constructs delivers an exceptional federal contracting compliance experience from initial RFP issuance through final contract completion. Our federal clients appreciate the Terra process, expertise, and knowledge base with contract compliance. Our team of dedicated federal construction professionals ensure proposal submissions are clearly presented, itemized, include a preliminary schedule, identify FAR 52.219 compliance, offer value, contain competitive and vetted Subcontractor proposals, and reduces administrative burden on our partner Contracting Officers and Specialists.

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Terra contract award procedures are standardized to ensure rapid start-up and issuance of critical administrative submittals. Terra identified initial contract performance as a key performance factor including the control of potential schedule loss from the project onset. Project specific Safety and Quality Control Plans, Appointment Letters, Baseline Schedule, and related initial submittals are promptly prepared and provided to establish a foundation of urgency.

Self-performance responsibilities, combined with the vetted selection and issuance of subcontracts, further accelerates Terra’s mission to deliver critical submittals and subsequent materials acquisition. Our culture of urgency is further demonstrated through a rigid management process of contractor responsibilities and preparation for formal construction start. Critical safety reviews, identification of material acquisition challenges, and overall project approach is reviewed in detail with the Terra project team, to include transparent communications with our client partners to establish expectation and the pathway to mutual success.

Terra provides our Federal partners a comprehensive and compliant experience to earn the confidence of our clients and opportunity to continue our construction services for critical infrastructure and building requirements.

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Highways and Civil

Highway and Civil Construction are Terra’s primary self-performance expertise. With 50+ tradesmen, $5M+ in owned equipment, and annual self-performance revenues of $15M+, Terra is a leading small business in the Mid-Atlantic region for both Highway and Civil construction projects. Our portfolio of work includes bridges, abutments, asphalt and concrete paving, sound walls, MSE walls, piles, caissons, and a suite of specialized competencies which ensure our federal client roads, bridges, and civil requirements are achieved.

Buildings and Renovation

Construction and Renovation of federal facilities is a specialization which requires significant experience and current standards knowledge specific to UFC criteria, WBDG, Design-Build, ASHE, NEC, OSHA, EM 385-1-1, AT/FP, ICRA, SCIF, SIPRNET, SHPO, HAZMAT, and more. Terra’s team of construction professionals are qualified to support and execute building and renovation projects under $10M and are dedicated to delivering mission critical facilities.

Infrastructure and Marine

Federal infrastructure and marine facilities require significant upgrades, improvements, and new construction. Infrastructure and Marine projects are specialized, and Terra provides significant expertise and qualifications for our Federal partners. Infrastructure and Marine projects are specialized sectors of the construction market and Terra delivers specialized capabilities and performance. Terra retains self-performance resources and personnel specific to utilities, airfield pavements, rail, marine, and related project criteria.

Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection

Another area of Terra specialization is specific to facility physical protections and enhancements. Our self-performance is specific to UFC 4-010-01 physical barricades and concrete wall systems and supported by our specialized trade partners to complete our overall program of expertise. DOD and Federal agencies often face complex challenges related to adherence to Historic Preservation, Minimum Stand-Off distances in urban and constrained environments, and the overarching requirement to protect our critical facilities and personnel. Terra will provide solutions and innovation options to achieve facility protection standards.


Federal Construction has 4 critical success factors and Terra partners with its clients to ensure seamless project delivery.



Terra’s Preconstruction team specializes in the delivery of comprehensive and compliant federal proposals.

  • Project success is defined during the design development and estimating phase of the project, through a combination of detailed estimating, self-performance savings, pre-qualified subcontractor sourcing, conceptual schedule preparation, and overall safety analysis.
  • Fiscal Y/E surge requirements are achieved with our dedicated staff of Estimators and preconstruction professionals. Terra will present a fully compliant proposal in accordance with agency and FAR submission criteria.


Contract success is further established through a rigorous start-up process with the goal of gaining on the project schedule immediately upon contract award.

  • The Prime Contract will be executed and returned upon receipt, combined with the prompt delivery of bond(s) and insurance. A dedicated team will proceed with preparation and submission of all administrative submittals within 10 days of contract award.
  • Concurrently, our Purchasing department will issue all Subcontracts and requisition of submittals both for self-performed and subcontracted work. A key metric of successful contract performance is directly attributable to project start-up. Terra will ensure a partnering pressure drives contract start-up and project success.


Terra retains a comprehensive staff of construction professionals who are collectively responsible for the overall project performance. A pre-planning and performance meeting is held with the construction team to establish critical success factors each project.
  • Assigned responsibilities, governmental compliance criteria, logistics, safety, and overall project plan is determined. We bring our team to the post-award conference to earn the confidence of our clients through performance and partnering.
  • Our Project Manager is responsible for ensuring our site team have the necessary tools and resources for project success, clearing away obstacles which may hinder project progression. The site team will orchestrate a safety, quality, and performance driven culture throughout the project, while also fostering a positive partnering approach with the client and tenant. Our collaborative approach continues to be a key factor of our success and project performance.


Contract Close-out is equally important to the project success and is a critical focus of Terra. Our support teams assist the Project Manager and Superintendent to identify and expedite the contract close-out procedures.
  • Contractual closing of a project is critical for both the client and Terra to reduce administrative workloads and provide our teams the ability to transition to new opportunities. The systematic approach to delivery of all close-out documentation, complete resolution of any punch-list items, and fostering a positive experience throughout the project completion process is important to Terra.
  • Following project completion and acceptance, the Terra team stands prepared to support and respond to any items which may arise during the warranty period.

Geographies Served & Certifications

Terra Constructs services clients in the Continental U.S. & D.C.
The Terra Team brings a wealth of unparalleled expertise for the Highway, Commercial, Government and Industrial markets.

Terra Constructs is committed to being the BEST DBE and 8(a) partner in the industry.



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Terra Constructs aspires to be the industry leader in the niche construction market and recognized as a trusted partner by our clients and the employer of choice in the communities which we serve. Stay up to speed with how we are successfully serving our clients with our recent news.

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