Babur R. Mian, P.E., CEO & President of Terra Constructs, has been appointed to the Board of Directors for the Heavy Construction Contractors Association (HCCA) of Virginia as well as the Maryland Transportation Builders & Materials Association (MTBMA). HCCA was founded in 1957 and is one of the oldest industry groups in Virginia that provides training, advocacy and best practices sharing for its infrastructure members. HCCA has been instrumental in promoting reasonable regulation for the industry and advocating for market-based standards on methodologies, quality and safety. MTBMA aggregates the suppliers and contractors into a single platform to identify and promote the infrastructure needs of Maryland. MTBMA has also led innovation along the infrastructure supply chain, environmentally sustainable practices, jobsite safety and higher standards on products and projects. Babur said, “I want to express my gratitude to both HCCA and MTBMA for recognizing Terra Constructs’ work in the industry as well as the pivotal role that small, minority, women and disadvantaged businesses can play in deploying infrastructure investment and mitigating supply chain risks. Our long-term investment in our homeland infrastructure will reap rewards for many generations. I hope to continue advocating for the heavy construction industry and the minority partners that are vital for supply chain efficiency and community sustainability.” 

While Terra Constructs is actively engaged with the industry on the heavy civil side to innovate, advocate and educate, the company continues to support various Federal agencies, like the U.S. Air Force (USAF), National Park Service (NPS), US Dept of Agriculture (USDA), General Services Administration (GSA) amongst others, as a small business industry partner. Through various Federal programs, such as the Great American Outdoors Act as well as the recently proposed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the Federal Government has catalyzed the participation of small, main street businesses, like Terra Constructs, to serve the national cause of rebuilding American infrastructure after decades of degeneration. This collaboration between American industry and the Federal government has allowed renewal of aging public assets for extended lifecycle, investment into needed capacity to maintain levels of service and upgrading and modernizing the Nation’s infrastructure into the next century. Terra is grateful for the opportunity to participate and partner with the Federal agencies to rebuild better. Our company believes the investment in US Infrastructure will pay dividends for many years to come by lowering the cost of logistics and we are glad to play a small part of this national goal. While every project is a multi-party collaboration effort for project success, including the Federal agency project leaders, contracting officers and support personnel, Terra has been recognized publicly by various agencies through the Federal Government’s CCASS Performance Evaluation System, as follows: