Terra Adds a Bay Shore Systems TR60 Drill Rig to Our Growing Fleet of Heavy Construction Equipment

Terra Constructs is thrilled to announce that we’ve added a Bay Shore Systems TR60 drill rig to our growing fleet of heavy construction equipment.


Mounted on a Komatsu PC390LC-11 excavator, this new tool in the Terra arsenal will expand our drilling capacity with greater power, deeper drilling ability, and the full range and pivot capabilities of an excavator with additional reach to get over a hole with a full boom.



We offer a vast range of drilling abilities including:
– deep foundation applications

– drilling caissons

– solider piles

– lagging

– pre-drilling for support excavation

– bridge abutments

– micro-piles

– rock drilling

– battered or raked holes

– power lines and utility foundations 

Our new drill rig features hydraulic torque of up to 66,000 ft‑lbs, capability to drill up to 108 inch diameter holes to depths of up to 80 feet to support all of the heavy civil and infrastructure needs of our clients.


TORQUE: 66,000 ft-lbsROTATION SPEED: 0-60 rpm working speed, 100 rpm spinoffDRILLING DEPTH: 80′

DRILLING DIAMETER: Up to 108″ (depending upon ground conditions and tool type)

CROWD STROKE: 168″, Crowd force: 27,500 lbs

KELLY WINCH: BSS30SL single layer equal speed winch w/ 30,000 lbs pull

SERVICE WINCH: Pullmaster M12 equal speed winch w/ 12,000 lbs pull (1st layer)

ATTACHMENT HEIGHT: 21’2″ (from top of the headblock to the top of the Kelly stub)

HEIGHT UNDER THE STUB (max): approx. 22′

REACH (max): 25’1″ from CL

EXCAVATOR: Komatsu PC390LC-11 w/192 kW (257 HP)

We are excited about this new addition to our fleet and our expanded ability to support all of the heavy civil and infrastructure needs of our clients.


We look forward to connecting with you soon!
The Terra Constructs Team



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