Terra Constructs Rapid Growth and Recently Awarded Projects

Terra Constructs is pleased to announce that it has been selected for a number of new projects in Virginia and Maryland.  These projects include Maryland Route 2, Maryland Route 22, Fall Hill Avenue, Dominion Substation, VDOT Route 29/Route 250 Bypass, and Stonewall Energy Park.  Our services on these projects include MSE steepened slopes, screen walls, supply and installation of MSE Walls, installation of coping, installation of noise walls, retaining wall repair and shoring and excavation support systems.  Our expanded client list features General Contractors including Corman Construction, Corinthian Contractors, Fielders Choice, American Infrastructure – Allan Myers, and Daisy Construction as well as utility companies and developers.

“We are executing our strategic plan well,” said Babur R. Mian, P.E., President and CEO of Terra Constructs. “We are pleased with our acceptance in the market looking for a qualified DBE to deliver quality projects at a competitive price.”

“We are excited to be continuing our rapid growth in the Mid-Atlantic region,” said Allan H. Josselyn, Executive Vice President and COO.  “We are building a highly capable delivery team with the recent addition of accomplished field and office personnel as well adding to our equipment fleet and other resources.”