This high profile project will reduce congestion and improve safety while moving traffic from Route 29 onto the Route 250 Bypass.

Terra Constructs will partner with Fielder’s Choice Enterprise, Inc., the Prime Contractor on the Route 29 – Route 250 Interchange Improvements Project, to build the MSE Wall, a critical phase of the project. This portion of the project will reduce the noise for neighboring property owners along the lanes of the U.S. 250 Bypass between U.S. 29 and Barracks Road – an area that carries between 38,000 and 52,000 vehicles per day on average according to the VDOT website.

The overall project will reduce congestion and improve the safety and movement of traffic from Route 29 onto the Route 250 Bypass. The primary reason for the interchange improvements is to address traffic volumes and crash history. According to the VDOT website, “From February 2006 to December 2008 there were 34 crashes on the Route 250 Bypass ramp and its immediate vicinity.” In order to improve the safety, this project will add an additional lane on the southbound entrance ramp from Route 29 onto the Route 250 Bypass and a connected merge lane on Route 250 westbound to the Barracks Road exit. The project will also provide an additional southbound lane to Route 29 and a new sidewalk in the U.S. 29 median.

Project Started March 2015
Proposed Completion March 2016

Important Outcomes:
Reduce Congestion
Improve Safety
Reduce Noise for neighboring property owners
Safe and Quick Pedestrian Route

“We are excited to be a part of the Fielder’s Choice team for this project and
have the opportunity of working with a full service construction company which has been commended by VDOT including a prestigious best project award”, said Jay Josselyn, Chief Operating Officer for Terra Constructs.

“We look forward to the opportunity of working with Terra Constructs as they share the same values as FCE in delivering a quality product”, said Matt Holcomb, VP of Operations for Fielder’s Choice Enterprise, Inc.

“We look forward to delivering a quality product to VDOT in partnership with Fielder’s Choice”, said Babur R. Mian, P.E., President and CEO for Terra Constructs. “In accordance with our strategic plan, our work on the Route 29-250 project allows us to expand our geographic reach while partnering with an award winning General Contractor in support of a state highway contract.”

About Fielder’s Choice Enterprise, Inc.
Fielder’s Choice Enterprise, Inc. (FCE), a full-service excavating and heavy/highway construction company based in Charlottesville, is providing a new dynamic in the Virginia markets as a company dedicated to excellence. VDOT awarded FCE with the best project in Verona Residency for the Route 256 project in Augusta County. This prestigious award from the Stanton District of VDOT was part of their excellence in construction program for 2008.