This runway extension project promises to enhance the safety of the Manassas Regional Airport in Virginia.

Terra Constructs will supply Sargent Corporation, the General Contractor on the runway extension project, with back fill, labor, equipment, supervision and incidentals to build the MSE Runway Abutments and Taxi Way Walls. This project will enhance the safety of the Manassas Regional Airport in Virginia – an airport that “lightens the load” for Dulles International and Ronald Reagan National.

The primary reason for the construction of the Bridge Structure Extensions Project is to enhance the safety on the airfield. The existing bridge structures that accommodate Broad Run stream do not meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety area criteria for both Runway 16L-34R and Taxiway “B”. In order to meet the safety requirements, the existing bridge structures will be extended to the runway and taxiway safety area limits and existing areas of bridge structure will be repaired where maintenance is needed.

Terra Constructs will provide all the comprehensive services needed to build true reinforced MSE Bridge abutments where the loads of the bridge are supported by the MSE mass, as well as construction phasing with existing walls, including an acute corner design.

Project Started June 2014

Proposed completion November 2014

Important Outcomes:

  • Fix the runway and taxiway safety areas for Runway 16L/34R and Taxiway Bravo
  • Creates an extra safety margin when pilots are landing in extreme weather conditions

Manassas Regional Airport has been a key contributor to the local economy and this expansion will further economic growth.  “We are excited to be a part of this project that will provide safer flights, more jobs and local economic growth for Virginia,” said Babur R. Mian, P.E., President and CEO of Terra Constructs.